Pursuing an active and human-oriented foreign policy and exerting efforts to enable peace and stability at the regional and international level, Türkiye is becoming more and more independent from the diplomatic perspective.

  It is of vital importance to ensure the unity of discourse in statements made by public institutions in order to inform the international community about our country’s policies and approaches in a more accurate, healthy and effective manner. As the Directorate of Communications, which has been tasked with developing and implementing Türkiye’s integrated communication strategy, our utmost priority is to ensure unity and consistency in statements and speeches. While defending our country’s rightful theses, it is important how we express our message in addition to the message itself. It is essential to use an appropriate language to accurately convey the messages in foreign languages.

  To this end, the Presidency’s Directorate of Communications initiated a process, in which a series of extensive consultations were carried out both with the units under the roof of our Directorate and with other public institutions. The valuable contributions made by other public institutions in their areas of expertise have been collected, culminating in the Term Bank for Public Institutions in Türkiye project.

  The Term Bank for Public Institutions in Türkiye, which consists of frequently used as well as sensitive terms in English and Turkish under a variety of categories ranging from International Relations to National Security and Terrorism, and from Public Diplomacy to International Organizations, is the outcome of effective communication and fruitful consultations led by the Directorate in parallel with its mission.

 The Term Bank for Public Institutions in Türkiye project constitutes one of the first steps taken by our Directorate to ensure the unity of discourse and is available for use by translation units of public institutions as well as all other units which assume the important role of representing our country.

  The goal of this comprehensive project, which has been developed with broad participation, is to ensure that the public sector as a whole conveys the same message in unison and with clarity, particularly on topics that are sensitive for our country, thus enabling a better understanding of our country’s rightful arguments and theses by the international public.

 Since language is a living phenomenon, the Term Bank for Public Institutions in Türkiye, which will serve the field of language and translation, will be further reinforced and enriched in line with future developments and the new directions that our country may take.

 Working in collaboration with public institutions as well as leading academicians in the field of translation studies, the Directorate of Communications’ Department of Translation continues to pursue initiatives that add value to both the field of translation studies and the translation profession in the public sector.